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Low water pressure in Croydon and how to fix

Low water pressure in Croydon and how to fixThere is now a considerable problem with low water pressure in the Croydon area and there is something that can be done to fix it. Due to the massive expansion of house building there is now a big demand for mains water and the water mains cannot maintain sufficient pressure. This is a problem for the modern home which will usually rely upon a combination boiler. Low pressure means that your boiler will perform badly and may even fail to ignite in extreme situations.Fortunately the situation can be cure by the installation of a mains water pump. The easiest and lowest cost pump solution is the Salamander Home boost. A low cost one intelligent pump will sort your demand for the typical flat giving you good hot water supply and matching cold supply on the mains... Easy to install the Salamander pump works out demand and flow then operates to suit. Easily installed by a competent engineer this pump will cure the frustrating problems that are experienced when you have low water pressure. 
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