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Saunier Duval Boiler Parts

Saunier Duval boiler parts and replacement spares are available from Clickongroup and can be purchased on-line or collected from our trade counter. We have been stocking boiler parts for Saunier Duval boilers for many years and keep a comprehensive range of parts. Saunier Duval boilers have been in the U.K for some years now and slowly the spares are increasing in demand. You can buy Saunier Duval parts on-line and we will dispatch to any U.K destination by a reliable courier or Royal Mail. Saunier Duval spares and Saunier Duval parts supplied are backed by a Saunier Duval warranty.
05266400 Saunier Duval Thermocouple
Available From Supplier
32.98 inc vat
(-10.01%)  29.68 inc vat
05432300 Saunier Duval Clip
In Stock
1.69 inc vat
(-10.06%)  1.52 inc vat
05433700 Saunier Duval Water O-Ring **each**
In Stock
0.67 inc vat
(-10.45%)  0.60 inc vat
05452000 Saunier Duval Locating Plate ***each***
In Stock
0.78 inc vat
(-10.26%)  0.70 inc vat
05482500 Saunier Duval Screw
In Stock
0.23 inc vat
(-8.70%)  0.21 inc vat
05485500 Saunier Duval Pilot Nut
In Stock
3.74 inc vat
(-9.89%)  3.37 inc vat
05487200 Saunier Duval Washer
In Stock
1.79 inc vat
(-10.06%)  1.61 inc vat
05490900 Saunier Duval Fixing Clip Most Models
In Stock
0.94 inc vat
(-10.64%)  0.84 inc vat
05492200 Saunier Duval Gasket / Filter
In Stock
3.52 inc vat
(-10.23%)  3.16 inc vat
05495600 Saunier Duval Switch Thelia SB23
In Stock
12.16 inc vat
(-10.03%)  10.94 inc vat
05499400 Saunier Duval NG Pilot Injector Most Models
In Stock
2.62 inc vat
(-10.31%)  2.35 inc vat
05600800 Saunier Duval Air Pressure Switch
In Stock
60.17 inc vat
(-10.00%)  54.15 inc vat
05705900 Saunier Duval Fan Thelia 23 23E & SB23 Thema
In Stock
187.27 inc vat
(-10.00%)  168.54 inc vat
05706000 Saunier Duval Temperature Sensor Thelia SB23
Available From Supplier
29.21 inc vat
(-10.00%)  26.29 inc vat
05722800 Saunier Duval Pressure Relief Valve Isomax
In Stock
19.06 inc vat
(-10.02%)  17.15 inc vat
05722900 Saunier Duval Pressure Relief Valve DHW 10 BAR Isofast F28/35E
Available From Supplier
21.58 inc vat
(-10.01%)  19.42 inc vat
05727100 Saunier Duval Gas Valve G20 Thema F23E
Available From Supplier
185.68 inc vat
(-10.00%)  167.11 inc vat
05740400 Saunier Duval Reversing Valve Thema F23E
In Stock
93.32 inc vat
(-10.00%)  83.99 inc vat
05741000 Saunier Duval Ignition Printed Circuit Board PCB Thema Combitek
Available From Supplier
164.58 inc vat
(-10.00%)  148.12 inc vat
05742800 Saunier Duval Gas Valve G20
Available From Supplier
199.93 inc vat
(-10.00%)  179.94 inc vat
05745900 Saunier Duval Supervision Printed Circuit Board PCB Thema
Available From Supplier
190.33 inc vat
(-10.00%)  171.30 inc vat
S1003000 Saunier Duval Main Heat Exchanger Thema Classic
In Stock
423.31 inc vat
(-10.00%)  380.98 inc vat
S1003600 Saunier Duval Insulation Combustion Chamber Thema Classic
Available From Supplier
32.95 inc vat
(-9.98%)  29.66 inc vat
S1003900 Saunier Duval Burner Manifold Bar Thema Classic
Available From Supplier
150.66 inc vat
(-10.00%)  135.59 inc vat
S1004200 Saunier Duval Burner Assembly Thema Classic
Available From Supplier
117.10 inc vat
(-10.00%)  105.39 inc vat