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Heat Pump Water Heater

A Heat Pump Water Heater by Ariston that offers the perfect alternative to electric hot water storage cylinders, or for properties off the gas grid.

NUOS from Ariston uses a thermodynamic cycle (energy transfer) to heat domestic hot water quickly & proficiently & has been designed as an energy efficient alternative to the traditional hot water cylinder with an immersion heater. NUOS determines when to start heating the water to achieve the user's desired water temperature & time of delivery.

For added flexibility & control, NUOS features three mode options, Eco, Fast & Auto. NUOS offers massive cost savings in comparison to electric immersion heaters or traditional gas boiler systems, as well as much higher levels of energy efficiency. With a CoP of 2.8*, NUOS is capable of raising the water temperature to 55C with just the heat pump (a back-up immersion is present to bring the temperature to 65C) making it an ideal solution for off gas properties or as a replacement for existing electric only cylinders.

It features an intelligent control system which allows the end-user to program two separate times for hot water to be available. Furthermore, to guarantee safety & hygiene, NUOS includes an anti-legionella function, which regularly heats the contents of the cylinder to 65C in order to sterilise the stored water. The cylinder also has a 5 year guarantee & the electrical components are guaranteed for 2 years.