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Danfoss Programmers And Timeswitches


Danfoss Programmers and Timeswitches are used to control your central heating & hot water times. They are available in a rage of attractive designs combined with energy saving potential. They are available in Electronic or Electro-Mechanical models & have either 24 Hour, 5/2 or 7 Day versions. Danfoss have a range of 2 channel programmers with Common or Independent Timebase.

Danfoss Timeswitches are suited for combi boiler systems or any application that needs a single output.

Danfoss Mini-Programmers are mainly used in Gravity fed hot water systems.

Danfoss 2 channel programmers with Common Timebase are for applications where Hot Water & Central Heating are required at the same time.

Danfoss 2 channel programmers with Independent Timebase are for applications where you want to control Hot Water & Central Heating at different times of the day.

Danfoss Randall 102 Mini Programmer 087N652100
Available From Supplier
75.80 inc vat
Danfoss Randall 103 Timeswitch 087N652300
Available From Supplier
67.38 inc vat
Danfoss Randall 3060 Programmer 087N652800
Available From Supplier
114.88 inc vat
Danfoss Randall SET3M Programmer 087N653200
Available From Supplier
75.73 inc vat