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Towel Rails

A stylish selection of affordable and well built towel rails selected for special sale on clickonbathrooms. All our towel rails come with a BTU Output rating. If you have a particular towel rail that you wanted to purchase but cannot find it on our site please contact our sale team via the website who would be more than happy to offer you a competitive quote against one you may already have. We can also provide information on finishes, styles and dimensions to assist you with your purchase.

All our towel rails shown below are also available in white - please call or email to order a white version.
Saneux Quadro 230mm Flannel Rail
51.91 inc vat
(-29.99%)  36.34 inc vat
Saneux Quadro 300mm Towel Rail
63.46 inc vat
(-30.00%)  44.42 inc vat
Saneux Quadro 560mm Towel Rail
75.00 inc vat
(-30.00%)  52.50 inc vat
Saneux Tempus 600mm Double Towel Rail
96.91 inc vat
(-30.00%)  67.84 inc vat
Saneux Tempus 600mm Towel Rail
76.14 inc vat
(-30.00%)  53.30 inc vat