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Atlantis AT210 Hiflow Water Softener

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Atlantis AT210 Hiflow Water Softener

Atlantis AT210 Hiflo Water Softener
The Atlantis AT210 Water Softener is an easy to use, efficient and high quality water softener at the leading edge of water technology. With recent improvements on the units electronics meaning less salt is used and with a 10 Year manufacturers warranty the Atlantis Water AT210 is an easy to install unit that requires no commissioning and comes with Highflow Kit as standard. 

Soft water uses up to 50% less detergent in your washing machine - it will leave clothes feeling softer, cleaner and brighter. Kitchens and bathrooms will be much easier to clean and will prevent the build-up of limescale and water spotting. Soft on the skin too, protecting natural oils soft water prevents dryness and various skin conditions. The AT210 Atlantis Water Softener is a modern appliance manufactured to the highest standards. 

AT210 Interactive Demo

  • Capable of producing more soft water from less salt than any other softener.
  • Suitable for households up to 8 people.
  • Fool Proof, push button setup - takes seconds.
  • Unique slimline design.
  • State of the art upgradable electronics.
  • Quick and simple push button set-up.
  • Distinctive styling.
  • Ten year parts guarantee.
  • The world's most reliable control valve.
  • Meter control as standard.
  • Automatic partial regeneration saving salt.
  • Built in health.
  • Pulsing LEDs indicate the softener is functioning correctly.
  • Easy to install.
Common questions about the Atlantis AT210 Water Softener

Am I able to drink water that has been softened ? 

It is recommended by the Department of Health that you do not drink softened water as it has a higher content of Sodium than mains water. It is recommended yo use a water filter kit for providing suitable water for drinking and cooking. 

How easy is the Atlantis AT210 to install ? 

Installation is straight forward and simple. If you are able to plumb in a washing machine then you will almost certainly be able to install theAtlantis washing machine. 

Is the Atlantis AT210 suitable for Megaflo Type unvented water systems ? 

The Atlantis AT210 is supplied with a multiflow installation kit which is compatible with any type of plumbing system. 

How long will the Salt last in an Atlantis AT210 Water Softener ? 

This will depend on the usage of water in your household. Typically an average domestic house will use 1 bag of salt per month. 

How long will it take for me to receive my Atlantis AT10 Water Softener ? 

All our AT210 Water Softeners are in stock. You can order online for next working day delivery or you can collect from our Trade Counter in South East London. 

  • Height: 625mm
  • Depth: 454mm
  • Width : 247mm
  • Power: 12 volts via transformer
  • Maximum pressure: 5 Bar (70 psi)
  • Minimum pressure: 1.7 Bar (20 psi)
  • Capacitiy: 2442 litres per day at 21°clark (300ppm)
  • Salt use: 1.44kg per regeneration
  • Resin: 14 litres
Introducing The Atlantis AT210 Water Softener 
How To Install An Atlantis AT210 Water Softener 

Documentation Downloads
 Atlantis AT210 Water Softener Installation Guide
 Atlantis AT210 Water Softener Home Owners Guide

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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product and very good value for money in comparison to similar water softeners on the market thoroughly recommended.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great exact replacement of a very old Atlantis.
Jeremy T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Fast and efficient service.
Miles B.
Shopping Satisfaction
Excellent product really simple to commission.
Shopping Satisfaction
The second one I have had the first one lasted eleven years high recommended.
Shopping Satisfaction
Looks and seems to perform OK, but too early to tell, really.
Mike P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Plus: produces the softest water of any water softener I've encountered (based on experience of the same model in a different location). Minus: The build quality could be improved.
John G.
Shopping Satisfaction
Item had a broken elbow joint on delivery requiring replacement. After installation the regeneration was faulty and whole unit had to be replaced. I can't fault the service from Atlantis, but something wrong with quality control , or care in distribution process.
Michael S.
Shopping Satisfaction
Very good unit and easy to install - was up and running in 20 minutes.
Paul D.
Shopping Satisfaction
So far so good but only been installed a couple of days. Very quiet on recharge and simple to install and set up.
Julian B.