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Alpha Boiler Parts


Alpha Boiler Spare Parts We stock and sell genuine Alpha boiler parts for most Alpha gas boilers. We are a spares agent for Alpha and have been for many years. We keep in stock Alpha boiler parts for old and new models. Generally Alpha boilers were pretty reliable and a big improvement on the older Ocean boilers which were the forerunner of the later Alpha models but even so there are times when you will need a spare part for your Alpha gas boiler. When you have boiler problems you really need to fix them fast and we can supply Alpha boiler spares fast. We hold Alpha fans, pcb's and diverter valves along with most other Alpha boiler spares that may be required. If you have a need for an obscure Alpha spare then you can always contact us and we will supply. We can often help with Alpha technical problems as we have been dealing with Alpha boilers for many years and have a great deal of experience.