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Vaillant Ecotec Plus 825 ErP Combination Boiler 0010021823

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Vaillant Ecotec Plus 825 ErP Combination Boiler 0010021823

Vaillant Ecotec Plus 825 ErP Combination Boiler 0010021823
The Vaillant ecoTEC plus 825 is suitable for a 3 or 4 bedroom flat with 1 bathroom, or a small house with a low hot water requirement. Hot water delivery within 5 seconds, without the need for a storage tank or cylinder. It fits simply and easily into homes even with limited space.

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  • Gas inlet connection: 15mm
  • Connections heating flow and return: 22mm
  • Connector expansion relief valve (minimum): 15mm
  • Flue size (concentric): 60/100mm
  • Condensate drain (minimum internal diametre drain): 19mm
  • Inlet gas working pressure (G20, natural gas): 20mbar
  • Inlet gas working pressure (G31, propane): 37mbar
  • Approved flue type: C13, C33,C43, C53
  • NOx class: 5
  • SEDBUK SAP seasonal efficiency 2009: 89.3%
  • ErP rating Central Heating: A
  • ErP rating Hot Water: A
  • Boiler dimensions (WxHxD): 440x720x338
  • Weight (boiler only): 36kg
  • Nominal heat output range of central heating at 50C flow/30C return: 4.2 - 20.4kw
  • Nominal heat output range of central heating at 80C flow/60C return: 3.8 - 19.3kw
  • Maximum DHW output: 25.4kw
  • Maximum DHW input: 25.9kw
  • Maximum central heating input: 19.6kw
  • Minimum central heating output: 4kw
  • Maximum flow temperature: 85C
  • Adjustable flow temperature (default setting: 75C): 30 - 80C
  • Maximum CH system pressure: 3bar
  • Mains water pressure required for maximum flow rate: 0.8bar
  • Expansion vessel capacity: 10 litre
  • Volume of water circulating (ΔT= 20 K): 830l/h
  • Approx. Condensation volume at 50C feed/30C return: 2.0l/h
  • Remaining feed head of pump (at nominal circulation water volume): 0.25bar
  • Minimum DHW flow rate: 2l/min
  • DHW flow rate at 35C temperature rise: 10.5l/min
  • Maximum domestic cold water pressure: 10bar
  • Minimum operational water pressure: 0.35bar
  • Hot water discharge temperature range: 35 - 65C
  • Electrical supply voltage: 230v 50hz
  • Internal fuse (slow) main voltage: 2A
  • Minimum electrical power consumption: 35w
  • Maximum electrical power consumption: 65w
  • Standby electrical power consumption: <2w
  • Protection class: IP X 4D
***Collection and Payment in store only***

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