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Potterton Gold 94022006 11kw Electric Boiler

£ 652.00 inc vat
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Potterton Gold 94022006 11kw Electric Boiler
  • Potterton Gold 94022006 11kw Electric Boiler
  • Potterton Gold 94022006 11kw Electric Boiler

Potterton Gold 94022006 11kw Electric Boiler

The POTTERTON GOLD electric boiler is designed to heat re-circulated water used in wet central heating systems. No flue or fuel tank makes the Potterton Gold Electric Flow Boiler 99.8% efficient. 

The water is heated when it is passed over electric immersion elements, which are contained in a chamber. The temperature of the water is monitored and controlled by a modulation technique switching on the immersion elements. The switching of the elements is carried out by solid-state technology contained in the control section of the boiler. The operation of the boiler can be controlled by standard programmers, room thermostats, etc. The pump should be connected to the boiler control, which provides the run-on facility.

  • Electric boiler for wet central heating systems
  • Domestic hot water is available from a cylinder
  • Can be used in a sealed or open vented system installations
  • No flue or fuel tank required
  • Quiet in operation
  • Operates from standard mains voltage programmers, room thermostats, etc
  • Pump run-on facility
  • Solid-state technology enables zero volt switching
  • Soft start and soft modulation
  • Front panel operation indicators
  • User adjustment of the operating temperature on the front panel
  • Self check every time it operates
  • Optical isolation to enable connection of more boilers on single or three phase supplies
  • Electrical tails terminations inside the boiler
  • Safety trip for no water or no flow situations
Technical Specification
  • Output Temperature Control Range: (Radiator) 650C to 800C. (Underfloor) 300C to 600C
  • Operating voltage: 200V - 245V 50Hz
  • Pump supply fuse (internal): T 2A 240V - 20x5mm
  • ‘RUN’ control input signal requires: 200V - 245V 50Hz
  • ‘RUN’ control input signal draws less than 0.25A: 10m A typical
  • Optical isolation: Between the control signals and the boiler supply
  • Over temperature trips: 95°C and 1000°C
  • Water content: 1.3 litres
  • 220V / Btu: 9kW / 30,700Btu
  • 240V / Btu: 11kW / 37,500Btu
  • Size: 1050 x 90 x 90mm
Documentation Downloads
 Potterton Gold Brochure
 Potterton Gold Electric Boliler Installation Guide