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Dab EVOPLUS 60/180 M Central Heating Pump 60150939

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Dab EVOPLUS 60/180 M Central Heating Pump 60150939

Dab EVOPLUS 60/180 Central Heating Pump 60150939
The EVOPLUS is a low energy consumption electronic pump for water circulation, suitable for commercial heating and air conditioning systems.

  • Large residential buildings
  • Condominiums and small apartment buildings
  • Homes
  • Private and public hospitals
  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Real estate buildings
The EVOPLUS pump is available in both single and twin version. The EVOPLUS simplifies installation, maintenance and control increasing significant savings in terms of time and cost. The EVOPLUS has a clear interface display showing the operating status which allows the user to select between the different adjustment modes. Constant control provided by the remote operation function allows interactive, easy and instant management of the system anytime from anywhere.