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Atlantis AT350 Hiflow Water Softener

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Atlantis AT350 Hiflow Water Softener

Atlantis AT350 Hiflow Eco-Logic Water Softener
The Atlantis AT350 Eco-Logic water softener will appeal to everyone concerned about saving energy and money. It has 50% faster regeneration and uses an astonishing 50% less water during regeneration, it has greater salt capacity than any previous Atlantis water softener.

The Atlantas AT350 Eco-logic has the capacity to produce more soft water from less salt than any other softener. It has a unique slimline design & State-of-the-art fully upgradable electronics. A quick and simple push-button set-up distinctive styling and the world’s most reliable control valve. The AT350 has a built in health check & pulsing LED’s that indicate the softener functions. With a great 10 Year manufacturers warranty the Atlantis AT350 would add great improvement to your homes water.

Supplied with Chrome Filter Kit.

  • The capacity to produce more soft water from less salt than any other softener.
  • Unique slimline design.
  • State-of-the-art fully upgradable electronics.
  • Quick and simple push-button set-up distinctive styling.
  • Ten years parts guarantee.
  • The world’s most reliable control valve.
  • Meter control as standard.
  • Automatic partial regeneration saves salt.
  • Built in health check.
  • Pulsing LED’s indicate the softener functions.
Common questions about the Atlantis AT350 Water Softener

If I use a water softener will my water taste salty?

No. Salt is only used in a water softener to clean the exhausted resin, before being flushed away. Salt is not part of the water ‘softening’ process and the water will not taste salty.

Can I use softened water in my dishwasher?

Yes. If you use a softened water supply to your dishwasher, you do not need to add any additional salt.

What type of salt should I use in my water softener?

Tablet salt is recommended for use in your water softener, although granular salt may also be used. Block salt is not recommended as it dissolves too slowly.

Will the AT350 cope with my large family’s water usage?

The AT350 is designed to cope with domestic household usage at any water hardness for up to eight people at 35 degrees clark.

Will I be able to install the AT350 myself?

Installation is very simple – if you can plumb in a washing machine, then you will almost certainly be able to plumb in the AT350. If you need any assistance at all, we have a full installation video on our website, and of course you can always call our technical team for advice.

Does the AT350 work on unvented systems?

Yes, the AT350 can be supplied with either a standard (15mm) fitting kit, or a hi-flo (22mm) fitting kit. Just specify which you require when ordering.

How long does the salt last in the AT350?

This depends on how much water your household uses. An average domestic household would use approximately 1 bag of salt per month.

Will I save money?

Softened water saves you money in many ways, primarily by a reduction in scale inside the pipework of heating systems and appliances, allowing them to work more efficiently. This alone can produce savings of up to 15% on your hot water and heating bills. The use of cleaning products around the home as well as bathing and laundry products can also be reduced by up to 50%.

  • Height: 625mm
  • Depth: 454mm
  • Width: 247mm
  • Power: 12 volts - via transformer
  • Maximum pressure: 5 Bar (70 psi)
  • Minimum pressure: 1.7 Bar (20 psi)
  • Capacity: 2442 litres per day at 21°Clark (300 ppm)
  • Salt use: 1.44kg per regeneration
  • Resin: 14 litres
Documentation Downloads
 Atlantis AT350 Brochure


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Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Old Atlantis 13 years old, replaced with upgraded model and so far seems very efficient.
I V W.
Shopping Satisfaction
The softener itself is easy to install and runs quietly. My only complaint would be that although it is sold as a hiflow product and comes with all the plumbing to connect to 22mm pipework, we have noticed a drop in our water pressure. Thus the shower rate will slow right down if e.g. a toilet is flushed or dishwasher turned on. Water pressure is not bad, but just clearly limited compared to our previous water softener.
Julian P.
Shopping Satisfaction
Michael T.
Shopping Satisfaction
Great product, bit more expensive than other softeners but hopefully will see the saving in the long run,.
Anthony r.
Shopping Satisfaction
Yet to be used.
Merle C.
Shopping Satisfaction
Early days but it was recommended and our really hard water is much softer. Before ordering our plumber phoned Atlantis for information and they were extremely helpful.
Nichola F.
Shopping Satisfaction
If it works like the AT210 that we had in our last home, then we'll be very happy. I'm not sure the premium price is worth the water savings (30 litres per regen instead of 60 litres). Apparently the same quantity of salt is used as with the older model.
Atlantis customer service is very good, quickly answering technical queries and arranging unit swop out when original unit arrived damaged.
Shopping Satisfaction
A1 machine.
Raoul c.