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Aquabion S15 Water Conditioner

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Aquabion S15 Water Conditioner

Aquabion S15 Water Conditioner
The AQUABION S15 prevents deposits in pipeline systems and breaks down existing corrosion deposits and lime incrustations. The device operates electrolytically according to the galvanic principle, using a zinc reactive anode without power connection and without magnets.

This environmentally-friendly method for treating water forms an even lime protection layer on the metal walls of the pipes; in soft water systems, a thin cathodic protective layer on the metal walls of the pipes prevents the recurrence of corrosion.

For vertical or horizontal installation in plumbing systems.

The Aquabion S15 water softener conditioner offers a Salt Free Limescale Reducer. It can offer up to 50 % in savings, is simple to install and will allow you to recoup your initial costs within a two to three years whilst offering protection from limescale for up to 7 years.

Aquabion is an easy to install product with unsurpassed international track record in both domestic and large commercial installations. The Aquabion water conditioner can help to prevent limescale build up and soften water whilst all the while still maintaining drinkable water that still includes all the good naturally occurring minerals.

Why install an Aquabion Salt Free Water Conditioner compared to other brands of water softener?

  • Proven International Track Record.
  • Clients include - Bosch, Proctor, Siemens, and Gamble.
  • High Quality German Engineering.
  • Salt Free.
  • No Electricity.
  • No Moving Parts.
  • Independently tested and proven.
  • Take it with you to your new property.
  • and more!
How It Works.

The Aquabion water conditioner system is a patented system with a proven track record in a wide range of both domestic and commercial installations. The Aquabion water conditioner works using zinc sacrificial anodes, which by releasing zinc ions, reacts with calcium and begins to form aragonite. This prevents limescale building up at the same time as forming a thin protective layer. As the Aquabion water conditioner technology is patented there are no other products out there like it, and with many independent tests confirming the safety and effectiveness of the Aquabion you don't need to be worried.

There is no need to worry about using the Aquabion water conditioner on water systems that contain your drinking water as the Aquabion leaves your water perfectly drinkable and still allows for all the good and essential minerals to remain behind.

  • Less money spent on heating your hot water, repairing/replacing appliances means more money to spend on the things you want
  • Less cleaning chemicals which is great for your skin and the environment
  • Cleaning takes less time, which means you have more time to do the thing you love
  • You can relax because you can drink the water and even babies food can be made from the water unlike salt based units
  • What is more, the treated water is not effected by time, unlike a lot of the electronic/magnetic units
  • Above all you can relax in the knowledge that you get 7 years peace of mind from the worrying problems of limescale