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87229638580 Worcester Greenstar 18Ri OF Temperature Limit Sensor

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87229638580 Worcester Greenstar 18Ri OF Temperature Limit Sensor

This Product fits the following Worcester Bosch Boilers

 Manufacturer  Model  GC Number 
 Worcester Greenstar 12I RSF 4131167
 Worcester Greenstar 15I RSF 4131184
 Worcester Greenstar 18I RSF 4131186
 Worcester Greenstar 24I RSF 4131168
 Worcester Greenstar 25CDI RSF4731192
 Worcester Greenstar 27CDI RSF4740612
 Worcester Greenstar 29CDI RSF4740634
 Worcester Greenstar 30CDI RSF4131171
 Worcester Greenstar 30CDI RSF4131193
 Worcester Greenstar 30CDI RSF4740614
 Worcester Greenstar 30CDI RSF4731193
 Worcester Greenstar 34CDI RSF4740636
 Worcester Greenstar 35CDI RSF4731194
 Worcester Greenstar 37CDI RSF4740608
 Worcester Greenstar 38CDI RSF4740638
 Worcester Greenstar 40CDI RSF4131172
 Worcester Greenstar 40CDI RSF4731195
 Worcester Greenstar 42CDI RSF4740610
 Worcester Greenstar 29CDI RSF ErP 4740665
 Worcester Greenstar 30CDI RSF ErP4140633
 Worcester Greenstar 30CDI RSF ErP4140637
 Worcester Greenstar 34CDI RSF ErP4740667
 Worcester Greenstar 35CDI RSF ErP4140639
 Worcester Greenstar 38CDI RSF ErP4740669
 Worcester Greenstar 40CDI RSF ErP4140635
 Worcester Greenstar 42CDI RSF ErP4740671
 Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440CDI RSF ErP 4740685
 Worcester Greenstar Highflow 550CDI RSF ErP4740687
 Worcester Greenstar Highflow 440CDI4740624
 Worcester Greenstar Highflow 550CDI4740625
 Worcester Greenstar ZWB 7-25 R25HE4731177
 Worcester Greenstar ZWB 7-30 R30HE4731178
 Worcester Greenstar ZWBR 7-30 R30HE PLUS 4731179
 Worcester Greenstar ZWBR 11-35 R35HE PLUS 4731180
 Worcester Greenstar ZWBR 11-40 R40HE PLUS4731181
 Worcester Greenstar FS 30CDI RSF4140603
 Worcester Greenstar FS 42CDI RSF4140604
 Worcester Greenstar 12RI RSF 4131163
 Worcester Greenstar 15RI RSF 4131165
 Worcester Greenstar 18RI RSF 4131175
 Worcester Greenstar 24RI RSF 4131177
 Worcester Greenstar 25SI RSF 4731184
 Worcester Greenstar 30SI RSF 4731185
 Worcester Greenstar 24I RSF Junior 4731186
 Worcester Greenstar 28I RSF Junior 4731187

Part GC Number: H08-291
All Worcester Boiler Spare Parts supplied by Clickongroup come with a full 1 year manufacturers warranty.